"Sultans of Swat"
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date November 12, 1999
Written by Charles Swenson
Directed by Valery Konoplev

Slava Ushakov

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Crash Lancelot
Tea for Three

"Sultans of Swat" is the first regular episode of Mike, Lu & Og.


Mike introduces the natives to the sport of baseball, but she 's driven over the edge over Lu's natural habit of gloating and the denizens' rather unique ways of playing. Meanwhile, the Philisophical Society animals grow restless in the bleachers.


  • Although this and "Tea for Three" were the first episodes aired, they're always shown second in the show's rerun rotation.
  • This episode was adapted into the Cartoon Network/Little Golden Book compilation Sticker Shock.