First Appearance

The Tube





Voiced By

Dee Bradley Baker



Og is a 7 year old native and Lu's cousin, He has a surprising predisposition to the scientific theory and discovery. His inventions have gone awry to help develop the plots of many episodes. He is close friends to the three animals: a pig, a goat and a porcupine named Spiney who are very capable of speech and well learned in philosophy. Together they form a Philosophical Society, discussing such great thinkers as Nietzsche, matters of existentialism, and the revelence of time.

Og enjoys expiriences of new things. To name a few adventures, Og made himself a video game in A Boys Game, performed butt naked in a fasion show in Hot Culture (possibly a homage to The Emperors New Clothes) and made Jujubombs in the episode with the same name.

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