Lu spot-1-

First Appearance

Crash Lancelot



Voiced by

Nancy Cartwright




Self Proclaimed Princess

Lu, a self-proclaimed princess of the island and Og's cousin, is characterized by her loud and arrogant nature. She continually exploits Mike, Og, and her pet turtle, Lancelot. Og, being sagacious to a fault, frequently obliges to her will, even at the cost of her own well-being. Though she has a habit of tormenting everyone, she usually learns a lesson in humility by the end of each episode. Lu's unruly behavior is most likely a result of poor parenting on the part of her father, Wendel. Lu's mother was named Lula Belle and her grandparents were on the Good Ship Betty Anne with the Albonquetine's ancestors and Lula Belle's grandmother met up with Joshua Wendell Albonquetine and had children together and then when the ship crashed on the island, Wendel and Lula were born and became married. Lula Belle got pregnant with Lu and then admitted to Wendel that he is not Lu's natural father, but got on a boat and shipped away from the island to never be seen again. Although in the original series finale, Lu's mother exchanged with Mike to be on the island in the first place.