Season 1, Episode 19
Written by Charles Swenson
Susan Meyers
Lance Khazei
Directed by Elena Rogova
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"Jujubombs" is the 19th episode of the first season of Mike, Lu & Og.


Lu is getting ready for her "Most Fabulous Princess" party with a field day and Mike bests her in all the competitions. However, Mike is disappointed that she gets coconuts as prizes and tells about a sweet hard candy from back home called "Jujubombs". Intriqued, Og decides to make some of this candy, with Mike being his guinea pig to test his experimental candies. When they finally make perfect jujubombs, Lu gets furious at Og for not participating in the party. To calm her down, Mike shoves a jujubomb into her mouth and she suddenly becomes addicted to the candy. After Lu's requests disrupt several of Mike's activities with the others, she and Og make more jujubombs for her. As her addiction becomes worse with each sampling, Mike and Og finally have enough of her and cover her in candy syrup, which causes her to freeze in place. The episode ends with the hardened Lu being the centerpiece at her own party, licking her candy-covered face to her pleasure.


  • This is one of three episodes (not counting "Crash Lancelot") animated in-house at Studio Pilot in Moscow.