Hermione Cuzzlewitz is a teenage member of the Cuzzlewitz clan that reside on the other side of the island. She first appeared in "A Learning Experience" and became a semi-recurring character in the second season. She is often accompanied by her brothers, Haggis and Baggis.

Unlike most of the Cuzzlewitz clan, who act savage and speak broken English, Hermione acts prim and proper speaks excellent English.

Character traits

Hermione is tall and lanky, has an underbite with bucked teeth from the bottom set, brown hair with a bone tied up in it and wears a purple tube top and grass skirt.

She frequently speaks whimsically and philisophically. She often goes against the usual savage traits of her brethren, but as seen in "For the Love of Mike", she is attracted to bad smells.

Relationships with other characters

She makes good friends with Mike in "The Three Amigas", who gives her the nickname "Hermie".

She sometimes argues with Lu as seen in "For the Love of Mike".