"Flustering Footwear Flotsam"
Season 2, Episode 21
Air date May 6, 2001
Written by Michael Ryan (story)
Vera Duffy (teleplay)
Directed by Mikhail Tumelia
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Flustering Footwear Flotsam is the 21st episode of the second season.


One stormy night, a cargo container falls off a trading ship and washes up on the island. The islanders find it the next morning and think it's a sea monster, but Mike tells them it's a cargo container, and has Og open it and see what's inside. The container happens to be full of shoes. The islanders are intrigued by the discover, while Mike can't stand them, as she is reminded of her younger years of tediously shoe shopping in Manhattan. The islanders take a quick liking to their new shoes, but they have some signifigant drawbacks on their lifestyles.

When Alfred puts on sneakers, he finally manages to catch the wombat, but then ponders what else he should do with his life now that he's reached his goal. Wendel in the meantime can't decide on what's better, galoshes or fuzzy slippers and has a breakdown. Lu wears elevator sandals that make her feet sore, but she refuses to take them off. Og wears tap shoes that for some reason, cause him to dance non-stop. Margery creates shoe portraits of the island's ancestors and becomes hellbent on stealing Mike's red shoe, which causes her to question her morality. The whole time, everyone is coming to Queeks for therapy sessions that quickly annoy him, as they nevertheless refuse to give up their shoes at is suggestion.

Mike becomes annoyed by everyone coming to her to help with their shoe problems and she goes to Queeks to ask him if he can do anything to end this craze. Queeks goes town to everyone's homes and steals away their shoes and cures them of their addictions. While Queeks says he intends to destory them, he stashes them away in his cave to try them on himself, which results in him getting a blast of lightning from the gods.


  • This is the only episode that contains a flashback to Mike's life in Manhattan. It also includes a younger version of Mike.
  • Og's predicament, in which he puts on red tap shoes and dances uncontrollably, is a parody of the Hans Christian Andersen story The Red Shoes.
  • One of the few times Alfred catches the wombat.
  • We see that Mike has a closet full of identical red sneakers.