"Crash Lancelot"
Season 0, Episode 0
Air date November 6, 1998
Written by Charles Swenson
Directed by Mikhail Aldashin
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Sultans Of Swat

"Crash Lancelot" is the pilot short for Mike, Lu & Og. It premiered on November 6, 1998 and was originally part of The What a Cartoon! Show.


The show opens on a calm, sunny day on Albonquetine. Mike, Lu and Og are sunbathing and they fight over sho lays next to who. Mike remembers her days in Manhattan and reminisces about the cars, which gives Og the idea to build a car with her. Lu scoffs at the idea and declares she's better off riding her pet turtle Lancelot around. As Mike and Og construct their car with help from Alfred and Margery, Lu and Lancelot start to tire from the riding until Lu gets the idea to make Og build her a car. When Mike and Og complete their car, Lu demands that Og build her a better car. Og reluctantly obliges and builds her a larger Rolls-Royce-esque model with a nuclear-powered motor. Mike and Og's trip proves to be slow and peaceful, while Lu and Lancelot have the ride of their lives and their car speeds through the jungles and sea, culminating in the car falling apart and their motor blowing up in a huge explosion. The short ends with a burned-up Lu yelling at Lancelot before passing out.


  • Unlike other episode, the pilot is seven minutes long instead of eleven.
  • Og's loncloth doesn't have a the second cloth obscuring his behind. Also, Lu's bra only covers her chest and not her back.
  • The end credits feature a series of animated viginettes that foreshadow several episodes of the series, including scenes depicting Lancelot on rollerskates ("Roller Madness"), the kids washing an elephant ("Elephant Walk"), Lancelot inside a makeshift television ("The Tube"), the pirates cooking Lancelot ("Yo Ho Who?"), Goat and Pig playing baseball ("Sultans of Swat") and Lu walking on elevator sandals ("Flustering Footwear Flotsam").
  • Queeks, Goat, Pig, and the pirates only appear in the credits. Wendel doesn't appear at all.
  • This is only one of two episodes directed by co-creator Mikhail Aldashin, the other being "The Good Ship Bad".
  • This pilot was animated in-house at Studio Pilot in Moscow. Three series episodes ("The Good Ship Bad", "Jujubombs" and "High Camp")
  • The short's premiere kicked off Cartoon Network's Cartoon Cartoon Weekend marathon along with Kenny and the Chimp.