Albonquetine Island is a secluded, scatantly-charted island. Discovered by and named after the Albonquetine family, the island is the main setting of the series.


The island was accidentally discovered by Wendell Joshua Albonquetine ("A great man, but not a great navigator"), captain of the Good Ship Betty Anne, when his ship ran afowl of pirates and crashed onto the rocks. He and the rest of the Albonquetine clan, as well as their allies, the Cuzzlewitz clan, became stranded on the island and decided to make it their new home.

The island's history was written down by Margery in a book titled Cuzzlewitz End.



The residential area is where the descendents of the Albonquetine clan live. The houses are made from the wreck of the Betty Anne, which were modified into dwellings. One part of the wreckage was turned into a house currently occupied by Og, Alfred and Margery, while another became the home of Lu and Wendell, which is marked by a flagpole outisde the entrance. Mike Mazinsky has a room in Og's house, and Margery's kitchen is located right outside it.


The beaches are the sandy parts of the island marked by palm trees a variety of plants. Most of the main actions happens on beach regions, including Alfred's hunts, the testing of inventions and games.The beaches are also the location of Og's workshop Old Queeks' cave.


The jungles of the island are a mysterious place. They're filled with exocitc and unusual creatures, including a lost tribe of land turtles and man-eating rutabegas.

Cuzzlewitz territory

Located on the other side of the island, this is the area where the descendents of the Cuzzlewitz clan reside. The clan resides in a rock filled with tiny caves in which they sleep in, almost like drawers in a chest. This is the home of Hermione, Haggis and Baggis and was only seen in "Queeks, Queeks, Who's Got the Queeks?".